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In addition to traditional Obedience training, Confident leash control, and successfully walking dogs into social situations... we specialize in exceptionally volatile dogs and their canine behavioral challenges. 

From former fighting dogs to dogs coming from backgrounds of abuse & neglect, COVID-related behavioral issues (i.e. new behaviors started during isolation), to dogs pulled from their litter too young. We believe that every dog, of every breed, of any age can learn to follow their leader/ parent to a calm, social, balanced and healthy place in their life. We help them get there. 

Our own dogs, Team Pit-a-Full, ALL come from sorted pasts as well. Former fighting dogs, bait dogs, dogs with human attack histories, dogs that have been burned, beaten, abandoned, and forgotten about. Part of their own rehabilitation is Paying it Forward and assisting in training other dogs... typically the same confidence, tolerance, social-ability, and balance they themselves have learned.

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Beyond conventional dog training, we offer canine behavioral rehabilitation. Rehabilitation typically applies post trauma (ie car accident, dog fight, other traumatic event, etc), or after years of abuse/ neglect, or in the event of major social change in the dog's environment and daily routine.

Using confidence and trust building exercises, instructing pet parents in special social etiquette and boundaries, and working directly in a stable pack setting (with The Team and in "boot camp" settings)... we help dogs back to their original confident and stable self. Contact us for more information. 


We Love Dogs, All Dogs!!!

Though we specialize in the Bully Breeds, we love and work with all breeds of dogs, old, young, male, female, etc with behavioral challenges who need a little extra help.


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Behavioral Issues We Address

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We Also Teach Pet Parents to be Good Leaders

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