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Dog Training & Rehabilitation

Serving the community with excellence in dog training & rehabilitation since 1990, David Edelstein and Team Pit-a-Full.

We offer more than the average dog training service, we specialize in the exceptionally volatile and potentially hazardous dogs and their canine behavioral issues. From former fighting dogs to dogs coming from backgrounds of abuse & neglect, COVID-related behavioral issues (ie new behaviors started during isolation), to dogs pulled from their litter too young and dogs that have never lived in a home before. We believe that every dog, of every breed, of any age can learn to follow their leader/ parent to a calm, social, balanced and healthy place in their life. We help them get there.

Our own dogs, Team Pit-a-Full, ALL come from sorted pasts as well. Former fighting dogs, bait dogs, dogs with human attack histories, dogs that have been burned, beaten, abandoned, and forgotten about. Part of their own rehabilitation is Paying it Forward and assisting in training other dogs... typically the same confidence, tolerance, social-ability, and balance they themselves have learned.

Team Pit-a-Full Dog Training & Rehabilitation

Olde Town Arvada, CO 80002

  • Free/ No-Obligation Assessment

  • All Breeds Welcome

  • One-on-One, In-Home Dog Training & Rehabilitation

  • Immediate Results (usually during assessment)

  • Typically 2 - 5 Week Training Program (individual results may vary)

  • Balanced Dog Training Method

  • Easy & Convenient Weekly Scheduling

  • Multiple-Dog Home Discount

  • Shelter & Rescue Discount Available (professional and non-profit information required)

  • 24/7 Support


  • No Steep Up-front Costs

  • No Special Tools/Books/Videos to Purchase

  • No Expensive, Binding Contracts

Behavioral Issues We Address

  • Hyper-reactivity (other dogs, people, stimuli)

  • Previous Abuse/ Neglect

  • Lack of / Under-development

  • Aggression/ Overly Assertive/ Dominance

  • Non-responsive to Commands

  • Overt Territoriality

  • Destructive/ Violent Separation Anxiety

  • Aggressive Possessiveness

  • F!ghting in the Ranks (Multiple Dog Homes)

  • Human Attack/ Bite History

  • Anti-social Behavior/ Withdrawn

  • Confidence Building

  • Tolerance Training

  • Proper Leadership/ Structure in the home

  • And more...

We Also Teach Pet Parents to be Good Leaders

  • Consistency/ Routine

  • Leadership

  • Confidence

  • Proper Confinement

  • Defensive Dog Ownership

Before beginning any dog training program, A few things to consider...

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  • Are You a good match with your dog? Not every dog is the right dog for every home. Take the American Kennel Club's short survey to find the right breed for You.

  • Is your dog spayed/ neutered? Intact animals, especially between late puppyhood and mid-adult age, are interested in reproducing, not learning calm, confident obedience.

  • Is your dog up-to-date on all appropriate vaccinations? Keeping dogs UTD on vacc is the #1 method of preventing transmittable canine diseases.

  • Is your dog in good health? Free from current injury or disease? Unlike humans, dogs consider poor health a weakness/ vulnerability. To compensate (self preservation), dogs will exhibit overtly territorial behavior. This behavior is typically mistaken for "aggression".

  • Is your dog provided healthy food and clean water? Just like us humans, dogs are what they eat. Providing a controlled healthy diet and a constant source of clean water is to align them with the fuel they need to be obedient, calm, care-free.

  • Is your dog kept at a healthy weight and exercised regularly? Paired with a healthy diet, proper weight and exercise assures our dog vitality and long life and the confidence needed to be obedient social calm and well-rounded.

  • (For the multiple-dog home) Is equality practiced in the home? Dogs, a naturally competitive species, can be wrongly set up to fail in a home that demonstrates favoritism or other dynamic that promotes a competitive environment. Put a dog in a position that it feels it needs to compete... it will.

  • Is your dog provided a stable, calm living environment? Dogs tend to mimic / react to their environment...especially calm and quiet. Dogs also thrive within routine. Providing both sets a dog up for success when we ask for calm and stable behavior from them.

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