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Team Pit-a-Full, Chef David Edelstein, and  their affiliates / endorsement are not in the business of telling others how they should think or
what conclusions they should draw from any issue. Team Pit-a-Full is about supplying factual information (and the source from where the
information was taken) to the public about Pit Bulls, Breed Specific Legislation, responsible ownership of Pit Bulls and ALL Animals, and
proven methods of keeping dogs and the community safe. Not all sources of information on the internet share these same ideals. Some
organizations believe that personal fears and insecurities, manipulated data and statistics, and instilling fear is a justified method of
bringing information to the general public. One such organization is founded and maintained by Colleen Lynn of Texas.
Heading the website is this statement:
"In the 3-year period from 2006 to 2008, pit bull type dogs killed 52 Americans and accounted for 59% of all fatal attacks.
Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths."

The very first error in this statement (beside the fact that 2006 - 2008 equals 2 years not 3) is ANY ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER anywhere
in the United States will voluntarily admit that identifying a breed of dog with absolute accuracy, with the exception of an obvious pure
bred, is virtually impossible. Because of irresponsible backyard breeding where inter-breeding and cross breeding occurs, not even a DNA
test on a dog's breed is 100% accurate. Also... Media sources typically do not verify the breed of dog involved in incidents prior to running
a story in the paper or on the evening news.
Q: Why would a news source run a story about a pit bull attack when the breed of dog involved wasn't even a pit bull?
A: Which grabs
Q: Why is it important to know about sources and factual reporting?
A: collects its information from the media exclusively.

More importantly, this information was not taken verbatim from the one reliable source who does record national statistics on dog bites
and attacks: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. and

Also, the fact and common sense that Pit Bulls being one of the most popular breeds of dog in the US today contributes to the amount of
dog related incidents and fatalities involving Pit Bulls. (ie If Honda cars are the most popular vehicle on the road, they will account for the
greater percentage of vehicles involved in traffic accidents.)
1The pit bull is a class of dogs comprised of the following breeds: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull
terrier and American bulldog.
The term "Pit Bull" is a generic term referring to American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull
Terriers (most common in Great Britain) and the American Pit Bull Terrier. Not the AKC, UKC, professional Veterinary Doctors,
behaviorists, breeders, or knowledgeable animal control officers acknowledge American Bulldogs as part of the "Pit Bull"

2Pit Bull Attack: Case Report and Literature Review, by Steven F. Vegas, MD, Jason H. Calhoun, MD, M. Eng., John Mader, MD, Texas
Medicine Vol. 84, November 1988.
This sources of information is not only compiled by those with little to no expertise or
background in animal behavior OR collecting accurate census, But like Asst Denver City Attorney Kory Nelson were on the
hunt for notoriety and resume line items. The slanted and manipulated information found in this "study" is directly discredited
by The Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs (A Denver based non-profit organization-
and the book
"The Pit Bull Placebo" by Karen Delise of the National Canine Research Council

3Decade of Adoption Focus Fails to Reduce Shelter Killing, by Merritt Clifton, Animal People, July/August 2009. Merrit Clifton... A
Professional Veterinary Doctor and Animal Behaviorist, or Reporter? You decide: , ,

4American Canine Foundation and Florence Vianzon v. City of Aurora, Colorado, No. 06-CV-01510-WYD-BNB (D. Colo., Sept. 1, 2009).
This case was settle with the dog being grandfathered with stipulation. The Problem with instating Pit Bull Bans: Like the cities
of Denver and Aurora, CO... city officials of any city do not put proposed bans up for public debate or vote. They are typically
discussed in study groups not open to the public and then are voted on internally (ie city council) and then put into affect.
Sure, one could argue that city council meetings are open to the public, and that fact is true. One could argue that a city
council meeting's agenda is posted publicly. One could also argue that the average citizen does not follow new zoning issues,
pay raises for elected city officials, and public works contracts (the most common issues discussed at city council meetings).
Is it fair to say that citizens of a city should pay more attention to what their city council is discussing and proposing?
Absolutely. Is it also fair to say that city councils bank on the fact that the community is not paying attention? Absolutely.
Information Sources Are Not Always As they Appear...
(Below are the sources of information named on with a brief
explanation of those sources)
An informal, yet conclusive summary of
(Taken from KC DOG BLOG - )
"While it seems that lately, several media outlets have been treating them like they have a particular
knowledge on the subject of dog bites and attacks (I'll get to a possible "why" on that later in the post), it
doesn't erase the reality that is simply a website run almost entirely by an individual person
who has an expertise in web design, access to google, and a desire to seek revenge on an attack that
happened to her several years. Those are the qualifications behind the website. And it runs no deeper than
that. And treating the website as anything more than that is a recipe bad information that will lead to less
safe circumstances for people and dogs."

"And make no mistake, all of the experts organizations disagree with her idea on breed-specific legislation.
Every mainstream national organization that is involved in canine/human interactions is opposed to laws
targeting specific breeds of dogs. An at-least partial list of these organizations include:
American Dog Owners Association, American Humane, American Kennel Club (AKC), American Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), American Veterinary Medical Association  (AVMA), American
Working Dog Federation, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Best Friends, Center for Disease Control, Humane
Society of the United States (HSUS), International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, International
Association of Canine Professionals, National Animal Control Association, National Animal Interest Alliance,
National  Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, National Canine Research Council, No Kill Advocacy

" There is the reality that they claim dogs of even distantly-related breeds -- including Boxers, Bulldogs and
Mastiffs - to all be 'pit bulls' in their "statistics".  They consistently claim that all of the professional
organizations that oppose BSL are only doing so because they are supported by dog fighters*. They sensor
all comments on their website that even come remotely close to disputing anything they post -- even if it is
someone who is providing acutal data that is correcting something they misspoke about -- again, censoring
other types of thinking isn't exactly something you'd expect from a "public education" website."
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